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Eric & Sookie Fan Fiction [Sookie Stackhouse Books]

Updated: April 25, 2009

I’ve noticed many hits on this post from people searching for good Sookie & Eric fanfiction. I feel you; I’m a huge Eric and Sookie fan and can’t wait for the next book to be released (Dead and Gone - May 5th, 2009) so I can get my next fix. I've even discussed my love of Alexander Skarsgard, the actor who plays Eric Northman in True Blood.

In the meanwhile, I decided to prepare a list of some Sookie & Eric fanfiction I’ve read and enjoyed. Please note all stories are rated M for mature!

Eric Northman in True Blood

Let Love In by Terri Botta
My favorite fanfiction bar none! This story is wonderful. Ever wonder when Eric and Sookie would have the “talk” and discuss his stay at Sookie’s house while he was under Hollow’s curse and their relationship? Well, Terri, has the pair go off together to a magical retreat to avoid any distractions and sit down face to face to work out their relationship.

This story will suck you in. The Eric in this story has come to terms with amnesia Eric and wants to be with Sookie. Terri takes us into a magical world where we meet other supes, gods, telepaths, and Sookie and Eric share a level of intimacy never seen before (when you read this part, you will know what I mean). Terri also writes a back story for Eric which is beautifully sad.

And the best thing is the story is 26 Chapters (plus an epilogue) so you will have hours and hours of Sookie and Eric goodness.

Best Laid Plans a Let Love In short story by Terri Botta
The Wednesday night announcement. Read Let Love In first!

Kodak Moment by Terri Botta
A cute short story which takes place after Let Love In. It’s time for Eric to pose for Fangtasia’s annual calendar.

Stronghold series by DCWriter16
DCWriter writes a series of stories about Sookie and an accident which causes Pam to turn Sookie! Have you ever imagined what would happen if Sookie became a vampire? Read these stories and find out! The author writes the series in a variety of point of views, which makes it even more intriguing! (Read the story in order, starting with In The Evening!)

Eric in Bill's bathtub in True Blood

Dead Hearts Still Feel by nox-alatus
Bill’s gone, Felipe de Castro went back to Nevada, and Victor is in New Orleans. Finally, Eric and Sookie can have their overdue talk.

Slept Like the Dead by Middaydark
Sookie misses Eric and decides to stop by Fangtasia. Eric takes her to his house and well, you just have to read it and find out what happens!

Rebirth by Twitche
Six months after Rhodes Sookie isn’t doing so well. Naill comes to Eric to seek his help. Naill wants Eric and Sookie to marry!

Dead and Dating by EricDreamer
Eric decides “it’s time” for the talk. Eric surprises Sookie after 4 weeks of not speaking. He wants the chance to prove he can give her all that she needs.

Dead Parenting by EricDreamer (sequel to Dead and Dating)
Sequel to Dead and Dating. Eric and Sookie discover the "joys" of parenthood.

A Second Chance by EricDreamer
Eric and Sookie get a second chance. Part 3, takes place after "Dead Parenting" and "Dead and Dating"

Dead Heat by DeaditeNancy
Sookie Stackhouse should have known better than to think her life would remain 'vamp-free' for long. Not only is she now faced with the two vamps vying for her attention, she must work with them to find a killer before a killer finds her.

Undecided by Jesiryu
Sookie finds herself unable to avoid the men in her life any longer. Caught between conflicting emotions and an unexpected trip to Las Vegas, the unexpected is common fare as events takes a sinister turn.

The S Word by AphroditesChild54
Sookie finds her Inner Goddess and puts the men in her life back in their place once and for all.

A cartoon by Alice Wack

I’ve only listed the stories I’ve actual read and enjoyed. You can find more Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction at If you find a good story you think I should read, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Or if you feel like chatting about Eric and Sookie, email me!


  1. ohhhhh this is amazing!! i've benn looking for good sookie/eric fics for a while now, thanks so much fo the links!!

  2. It was my pleasure Lila! If you know of any other Eric & Sookie fan fiction I should read or add to the list, please let me know. I'm always on the hunt for more Eric & Sookie goodness.

  3. stumbled upon your site. Thank you so much for the links.

  4. @Ariel thanks for the comment Ariel... let me know if you have Sookie/Eric fan fiction links to share!

  5. Thank you so much for posting these links! You've supplied me with a good few hours of great fanfiction! *squee*

    I'm trying very hard to keep my arms from flailing, actually.

  6. @aboutademongirl it was my pleasure to post the links. I know how hard it is to find good fan fiction. Since you're really excited I recommend you start with Let Love In by Terri Botta. You will love that story!

  7. Hey guys! I just wanted to share another Sookie & Eric fan fiction Lisa (a blog reader) sent me. It's called Know Thyself by Konfetti. You can check it out here.

    I haven't read the story yet, but I plan too!

    Just passing the word along.

  8. Hey, Thanks for the list. I've been looking for a good fanfiction for a while now. Found some.
    Here's one of my favorite. Just thought I would share.
    "Dead All Around"
    "Dead to Rights" and "Left For Dead" (2 of the trilogy. The author is a really awesome writer.)
    Check them out!

  9. Camille,
    Love your blog. You simply HAVE to read "House Of Flesh On Fire" by FarDareIsMai or FDM. The Professor has us all enthralled and completely addicted. She is on at the Sookieverse. Unfortunately I cannot access it ... firewall issues. I do have a link on the True Blood Wiki. The first lists all her stories on the wiki & the second is HOFOF specifically. Her writing is special. Enjoy!


  10. @RJsojourner Thanks for the comment and fan fiction links. I will certainly read them. Hopefully I'll get back into Sookie fan fiction since True Blood started airing again. I really should update this post soon. :-)

  11. I am loving the fan fic you have on you site. It has made me fall even more in love with Eric.

  12. Hi Camille!

    Stumbled on to True Blood by accident when I was looking at TV shows on the internet and watched everything! Alexander Skarsgard is so hot! Finished all the Sookie Stackhouse books in record time and was getting nervous on how to feed my new addiction when I got to this site. Thanks for the fanfiction links! Just finished the "Let Love In" Series and loved it! Will let you know if I find anything I like as well.
    Barbara, Netherlands Antilles

  13. Just stumbled on the sight while looking for pics of AS. A great fanfic story is The Executive by txone!

  14. It's so good to find someone who loves Eric/Sookie, I've read the 8 books and I'm waiting for Dead and Gone. Check out my blog, my layout is a tribute to Sookie and Eric ^-^

    A True blood Portuguese fan!

  15. ok, maybe you can help me. I read a while ago a story about Eric and Sookie where at the very beginning, i think, Eric takes Sookie to meet Niall for the first time at some resturant and now I can't find which one it is anywhere haha if you have any idea what story I'm thinking of I would love you forever for letting me know. thanks =) love your choice of stories btw =)

  16. @Brit... I know the story you are talking about(Eric waits outside in the car while Sookie has dinner with Niall, right?)! Ummm... let me do a little research first and I'll let you know the title and where to find it (will post in the comments section, here)! Or feel free to email me camille.flaunt[at][gmail]dot[com]

  17. @Brit Eric takes sookie to Niall in "from dead to worse" I haven't read any fanfic with that story, just read it in the actual book. Hope that helps!

  18. ohhh hahaha ive been reading the books and the fanfiction at the same time recently and got confused lmao yeah i just checked and that was what i was thinking of haha thanks!

  19. @Brit and @Anonymous - I have completely lost it! All the Sookie/Eric fan fictions and the novels have apparently all merged into ONE in my head and I can't distinguish between the two. But I think that all goes to show the level of great writing out there in the fan fiction world.

  20. Hi. I'm Dedra. Late is actually excellent and better than I thought it would be. Another favorite is Changing It All, as well as End of Episode 9.The latter is on the HBO fanfiction site. The author for it is no longer active and did have the rest posted on fanfiction site, but sadly n/a.

  21. I love you blog and thanks for pointing me in the right direction for Sookie and Eric fanficition.

  22. @Cat thank you! I plan to update this list soon (hopefully). Please share any Eric/Sookie ff stories you think I should read.

  23. one of the best fics i have read is Dead Ahead

  24. Thanks for the great list. You should check out I Have Gone Out by nyah. 'epic' is pretty much the only accurate description.

  25. @Anonymous Thanks I will check out I Have Gone Out by nyah... I love all stories which can ONLY be described as "epic"!

  26. Just read the Terri Botta ones this week (my first fan fics) and was really impressed. To be honest I thought it was better than Dead and Gone, if slightly sex-heavy for me ;) Maybe just because I read them over two nights rather than in little tidbits! Just added the rest of your recommends to my favourites so I can work my way through those. Thanks!

  27. U guys should try Death Eatin a Cracker by Misscyn,Tasting Sin by Leia1912,Time for Goodbyes by rabbidduckies and I Remember by Kelseylove.The last two I mentioned are pretty new but seem like they have great potential.The first stories i mentioned are AMAZING and lots of chapters to keep you entertained!Love,Love,Love it!!!!!

  28. Must read The Arrangement by TexanLady. All I can say is WOW!! Eric is in his true form-Vampire and a naughty one at that...poor Sookie. Will Eric realize that he loves Sookie and he wants more from her?

  29. Thank you for the links! You should check out The Suit Makes the Man by Missyah at The author is very talented and her other Eric/Sookie work is excellent as well. Sorry I can't post the link, I am a lurker not a poster and can't figure out how!

  30. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone! I have stored all (if not most) of the links my my delicious profile ( and they are now added to my mental "to read" list. Please keep sharing!

  31. Hi, love your site. My name is Kerry. I have lost a story and hoping someone can help me find it. Eric is King, and Sookie of course Queen, there is a Sabriel character in it (old lover of Eric) and some new guy called Luke... Sookie thinks that Eric betrayed her with Sookie, that's when i lost the story...

    1. I think u r talking about addicted to love by bontempsbaby on fanfic. I'm new to LiveJournal give me awhile to figure out how to post n reply lol. I hope this helps


  32. Sorry didn't proof myself very well. Sookie thinks Eric betrayed her with Sabriel. Sabriel toasted Eric and Sookies future with pure fairly blood and that made Eric go after Sabriel, and of course Sookie witnessed what she thought was something different....

  33. G'day from Oz,
    Have just got on to this fan fiction stuff, which is an absolute treat having been missing Sookie and Eric far too much and May is a long time away!
    Spent the last 2 nights reading the Terri Botta ones and loved them, I'm still in a swoon!
    Thanks heaps Camille for your suggestions here (and everyone else)Now I'll be happily engaged hopefully for another couple of weeks.
    Will let you know if I stumble across anything good. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.From Oz with Love x

  34. @Kerry sorry but I'm not familiar with that story. Can anyone help Kerry out? Just let a comment!

    @Oz The Terri Botta story WILL keep you up nights. I can remember wasting a lot of paper printing out the story to read on the train. Have fun and please do share stories you find!

  35. The Stronghold series bought the tissues out bigtime (maybe I was just PMSing, were they that sad?) Beautifully written. One other one I haven't noticed on your list is "Good as Dead" by Iliana Holt, very risque - loved it!
    Thanks again,from Oz

  36. @Oz I think the Stronghold series would bring out the tissues for most people (PMS or not) :-)

    I haven't read "Good As Dead" but I will add it to my list. And if you say it's "very risque" (which I love by the way), I'll move it up my queue of my "To Read FanFiction" list. Thanks!

  37. Kerry, you're looking for "Addicted to Love" by BonTempsBaby (takes place after "Pour Some Sugar on Me"):
    And I can understand why you're searching for it ... it's addictive.

    Camille, cool blog. ;)


  38. @Heather thanks for the tip with "Addicted to Love"... and thanks for reading my blog!


    My grandmother once told me “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” If the good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise, my pearls of wisdom to future generations will not be as poetic. I’m more likely to say “What doesn’t kill ya will still hurt like a son of a b****.”

    J. Barrington is an avid fan of the Sookie Stackhouse paranormal mysteries by Charlaine Harris, so much so, that waiting for the next book was not an option! This new story picks up where CH left off. Tune in weekly for the next installment of Back from the Dead.

  40. @Anonymous thanks for sharing!

  41. anyone know what happened to rebirth? and where else it can be found? does think it exists anymore.

  42. I loved Death eatin' a cracker by misscyn, moving in more ways than one :)
    Jo x

  43. You should check out Dead Man's Shoes, it is continued after the last book the author published

  44. Back From the Dead
    Sookie Stackhouse Fan Fiction
    By J Barrington
    New Site
    Newest Installment: Fangs ‘N Fortune

  45. Dead Wrong by J.R. Watkins on AU where Sookie meets Eric first, follows events of books from that perspective.

  46. i love those stories. i also recommend fanfics witten by Morgaine Swann. My favorite is the story "Late" and "Entitlement". Im sure you'll enjoy it too.

  47. @Anonymous Thanks for the recs... I haven't been into Eric/Sookie for a while, but hopefully this new season of True Blood will get me excited again.

  48. YOu have to read know thyself on
    I really like the story and the characters are stay in character just like the books.


  49. Jenny is right know thyself is awesome

    any new fanfiction from the latest books?

  50. FYI: if ur interested in an AU story involving Eric/ Sookie u should read 'all in' by kywrit. Its all human characters but it has it all humor/angst/romance/ lemons

  51. Zombies Eric and Sookie. ENOUGH SAID.


  52. I should add that if the link doesn't work, the story is called A Better Tomorrow by princesszofia


  53. Anything by California Kat especially "Back and Forth" and "Come Back To Me" very long, very angsty but definitely worth it.


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